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United Initiators GmbH

United Initiators GmbH (Germany)

United Initiators is a global and leading producer of peroxide-based initiators and specialty chemicals and offers a broad range of Organic Peroxides and selected Specialty Chemicals. The company has several production facilities in Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific Region.Organic peroxides are applied as radical source in many industrial processes, such as polymerization, chemical synthesis and modification of polymers.This includes both typical standards and special tailor-made specifics and mixtures from the groups of Hydroperoxides, Ketone peroxides, Peresters, Monopercarbonates, Dialkyl peroxides, Perketals, Diacyl peroxides and Percarbonates.

United Initiators GmbH Products Offered by Chika Pvt. Ltd.
Brand Name / Generic Name Product Code Supplier / COO CAS MSDS Literature
CAS : 34443-12-4 MSDS : Contact Literature : Contact
CAS : 78-63-7 MSDS : Contact Literature : Contact
CAS : 75-91-2 MSDS : Contact Literature : Contact
CAS : 614-45-9 MSDS : Contact Literature : Contact


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